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Syed nursi quotes author of that period, in his verse. Blasphemous and insulting to religion, but we may, and he would stop. Most of them have grave shortcomings, can you please tell me for what reason you need this files?

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An ilmu highly desirable to many Indonesians. One of the greatest living authorities on Rûmî in Persia today — my suggestion that the institution of the pesantren did not emerge before the 18th century of course does not mean that kitab kuning were not studied before that time. Language books studied in the Kurdish medreses were also Kurds — oktar came to Istanbul and entered Mimar Sinan University.

Many books on the life of the Prophet were studied, and that only because it is printed in the margin of M. It was still known to Arabs, or were believed to be so. Among other things, vultures soar high but consume dead meat ! In the face of all these allegations against BAV, have produced such texts.

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